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Black Bear Fitness, LLC

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Hi! I'm Jennifer Bradford, DO, CPT, your new fitness coach. Let's talk!

Hey there! Are you ready? 

Let's uncomplicate weight loss and finally get you the results you deserve. Results that you'll not only achieve, but also be able to sustain long term by using the principles you learn through me.

Let me help you!

Weight loss shouldn't have to feel impossible. You can do it no matter who you are or what your life currently looks like. I can help guide you and teach you. 

I'm so excited that you're here; let's get started! 

Check out this site to learn about my programs, coaching, blog, and to learn a little bit more about me! 


Check out my newsletter--> I keep it short and sweet and hit on a practical motivation, nutrition, and training topic every other week.


...and I'll send you my list of the top 5 things you can do right NOW to improve your well being!

Thank you!

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